443 Cold galvanized coating

防锈性能、强耐盐雾性能好,具有优异的附着力和耐冲击性能。施工便捷、安全、环保 、经济节能。金属锌含量高,成膜后的全锌含量96%,具有极佳的阴极保护作用和装饰性,优秀的耐候性、耐紫外光照射。
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1、 Product description:

Dinuo 443 is an environment-friendly heavy anti-corrosion coating composed of metal zinc, composite high corrosion resistant film former and active additives.

2、 Product characteristics:

Danuo 443 has good rust resistance, strong salt spray resistance, excellent adhesion and impact resistance. Convenient construction, safety, environmental protection, economy and energy conservation. The metal zinc content is high, and the total zinc content after the film is formed is 96%. It has excellent cathodic protection and decoration, excellent weather resistance, and ultraviolet light resistance.

3、 Recommended use:

Denuo 443 is used as a long-term protective primer for the internal or external surfaces of offshore and onshore steel structures or as a substitute for independent protective coatings, hot dip galvanizing or hot spraying zinc (aluminum).

4、 Technical characteristics:

1. Color: zinc grey

2. Density: about 2.75Kg/L (after mixing)

3. Volume solids: (45 ± 2)%

4. Standard film thickness: 80um dry film thickness (about 178um wet film thickness)

5. Theoretical coating rate: 2 ㎡/Kg (80um DFM)

6. Drying time: (23 ± 2 ℃) 24h

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