442 Waterproof/wear-resistant coating

The wear-resistant and anti-corrosion materials composed of resins, plastics, semi prepolymers, modified amino polyethers, chain extenders, wear-resistant fillers and other raw materials, whose wear-resistant performance is far higher than that of traditional coatings, are specially used for wear-resistant linings of mining equipment, with high adhesion, waterproof, wear-resistant and other characteristics.
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1、 Product performance:

Dino 442 is a synthetic resin plastic based product that provides long-term corrosion and stone crack protection. After drying, the material is resistant to hydrogenated carbon based cold cleaners, surfactant based acid and alkali high-pressure cleaners, salt water and road salts. It can be coated after drying and during wet to wet process.

2、 Scope of application:

Dino 442 is particularly suitable for coating entry steps, doorsill, spoiler, rear suspension and wheel cover. It is used for interior space, boots, engine cover, etc. according to its anti UAV effect. Asphalt based products are not required.

3、 Technical characteristics:

1. Basis: synthetic resin/plastic

2. Color: grey, black

3. Density: 1.19 g/ml

4. Solid content:~55%

5. Output: 700ml/m2/0.5mm

6. Drying: about 0.5mm 2 – 3 hours, depending on the room

7. Salt spray test: 500 µ m dry film 500h

8. Storage: cool and dry

9. Recommended wet film thickness: 700 µ

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