447 Steel structure coating

It has high solid content, reaction film forming, and bottom and surface integration, effectively preventing the penetration of corrosive media such as water vapor, acid, alkali, chloride ion, etc. It has excellent chemical resistance, and its super adhesion makes it applicable to various substrate surfaces.
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1、 Product description:

Denuo 447 is a two-component anticorrosive coating for steel structures, with a solid content of 85%. It is mainly composed of wax and resin, and added with chemical active ingredients, active cage structure particles, etc. It not only has good flexibility, impact resistance and chemical corrosion resistance, but also has relatively good adhesion on smooth galvanized surface, residual paint surface, etc.

2、 Product characteristics:

Denuo 447 has high solid content, reaction film forming, and the bottom and surface are integrated, which can effectively prevent water vapor, acid, alkali, chloride ion and other corrosive media from penetrating. It has excellent chemical resistance. Its super adhesion makes it applicable to a variety of substrate surfaces.

3、 Recommended use:

Denuo 447 is used in the fields of steel structure manufacturing and repair such as petroleum equipment, offshore platforms, chemical tanks, pipelines, sewage pools, water immersed equipment and facilities.

4、 Technical characteristics:

1. Color: grey

2. Solid content: 85%

3. Specific gravity: 1.65 kg/L

4. Mixing ratio: A: B=4:1

5. Diluent: ethyl acetate (no water is required for the above)

6. Theoretical coating rate: 6 ㎡/kg, 85 μ m. Proper loss shall be considered for actual coating rate

7. Typical film thickness: wet film: 50-100 μ m. Dry film: 85-170 μ m

Note: Packing specification: material A: material B=20kg: 5kg

The price published on the official website is the unit price per kilogram

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