dainuo4010 Electrical anticorrosion

Dainuo 4010 Hard, transparent film, resistant to alkalis and acids; heat resistant at temperatures above 200°C. The film is glossy and clean, which aids in visual inspection of metal surfaces, reading labels and numbers, and more. Adhesion and flexibility of rubber and plastic parts are excellent at low and high temperatures. Suitable parts to handle are engine compartments, engines and other parts that must withstand high temperatures.
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1. Product performance:
        Transparent Beige, Engine Protection, High Temperature Resistant, High Adhesion, Long Term/Long lasting.
2.Second, the scope of application:
        Dainuo 4010 leaves a hard, transparent film that is resistant to alkalis and acids.
        Dainuo 4010 has a heat resistance of 200°C.
        Dainuo 4010 has a non-stick and clean film that facilitates visual inspection of metal surfaces, reading of labels and numbers, etc. Good adhesion and flexibility to rubber and plastic parts at both low and high temperatures. Suitable parts to be treated with Deno 4010 are engine compartments, engines, and other parts that must withstand high temperatures.
3. Technical characteristics:
        1. Color: transparent beige
        2. Density at 23°C: 890kg/m³
        3. Viscosity at 23°C, DIN 4: 25s
        4. Recommended wet film thickness: 120μm
        5. Drying time: 120 microns wet, optimal ventilation for 1 hour; 120 microns wet, room temperature 23°C, 4-6 hours at 50% relative humidity
        6. Low temperature adhesion: -30°C
        7. Chemical resistance: 10% hydrochloric acid, sulfuric acid and formic acid
        8. Heat resistance: 200°C
        9. Salt spray test (24 hours drying at 80°C): 240 hours drying at 40 microns, 500 hours drying at 80 microns
Note: Packing specification: single component (20L/drum)
       The public price on the official website is the unit price per kilogram

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