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Dainuo New Materials (Jiangsu) Co., Ltd. is headquartered in the beautiful Taihu Lake in Suzhou. High-performance marine, chemical, road and bridge components, infrastructure and other waxy industrial heavy anti-corrosion paint coatings effectively solve the problem of strong impact resistance, high wear, The products are widely used in many fields such as industry, commerce, agriculture, military and so on.

The use of Dainuo coating brands in the petrochemical industry, railways, highways and bridges, metallurgical industry, power and energy industry, machinery and textile industry, industrial products, automobiles, ships and containers has never stopped. The close cooperation on behalf of customers in various industries ensures that Dainuo wax-based industrial heavy-duty anti-corrosion paints and coatings are market leaders in many fields such as strong impact resistance, high wear, and heavy anti-corrosion.

The Dainuo coating brand series products are high-efficiency protective products between traditional paints and coatings, which can make up for their use defects; high-performance marine, chemical, road and bridge components, infrastructure industrial heavy anti-corrosion paints It is a self-healing and repairing highly penetrating material, which is different from traditional paints and coatings.

Our service tenet is:
Honesty, fairness, trustworthiness, reasonable price, equality and mutual benefit.
The company will seize this major opportunity and give full play to the leading and leading role of the new paint and coating materials industry; in accordance with the work idea of ​​"platform leading, parallel development of sectors, integration of industry and finance, and innovation-driven", the company will continuously improve its management level and abide by integrity. Based on this principle, we warmly look forward to cooperating with you to contribute to the sustainable development of the society.